We, at Paliescart, take immense pleasure in expressing ourselves, by bringing a whole new dimension into the world of e-commerce. We are a Coimbatore based firm aimed at providing solution for the people across India. We are not only reliable and trustworthy, but also satisfy all our customers with our innovative ideas and thoughts. The wait is over for all those who were worrying about spending a whole lot of money, as the method of bargaining makes life easier and happier for all of them. Life is all about building relationships and we build it with the wholesalers and retailers with utmost trust and honesty. The B2B platform has been set by us, to bring the wholesalers and retailers under one roof and we aim at fulfilling them consistently.

Our company mainly capitalises on responsibility and integrity. We understand and value your time, and therefore the quotations for your orders will be provided to you in online. The concern of having limited order value has been eliminated, as we at Paliescart provide your maximum number of orders all at once, with minimum order quantity not being a constraint. Our endeavour is to deliver the products anywhere and time, as promised. Our primary purpose is to make the customers contented and make them happy with our assured services. The aim is not to satisfy the affluent, but to accomplish the aspirations of all the people. Therefore, we are making the process easier by providing 50,00,000 as credit value and fastest approval regardless of your civil score. We consider all our customers as highly esteemed ones; hence the possession of credit card is not required to prove it


Gain with bargain; the building and delivering of best quality products. Assured and reliable delivery anywhere that could be ordered in large numbers depending upon the commitment, with no minimum bid constraint. We provide customers with the lowest possible estimates like nowhere and bring joy and satisfaction in the face of our customers. Once our customer, always our customer, as we aspire to build relationships that lasts a lifetime.


To make people ecstatic with a unique buying experience that brings smile and happiness – makes us serene and satisfied. To be the most customer-centric company, where customers find the satisfaction of availing everything as per their need and also provide healthy economic standards for all our customers.